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The Remember Them: Champions for Humanity Monument stands proudly in the new Henry J. Kaiser Memorial Park, in downtown Oakland, California. This inspiring larger than life bronze sculpture depicts 25 culturally diverse role models who made or are making significant contributions toward global peace, freedom, and human rights over the past 150 years. You can see a list of the 25 humanitarians honored on Remember Them below.


The Monument was designed in four sections, cast in 60,000 pounds of bronze, and stands 36 feet high and 52 feet long. Sculptor Mario Chiodo of Oakland, California has donated the design and sculpting time. While the inspiration for this Monument existed in the sculptor’s mind, the impetus for the initiation of this work were the events of 09/11/2001. A New York City Fire Fighter was added to the fourth and final section of the Monument in 2011 as a symbol of courage and dedication. The City of New York provided a piece of the charred rubble from The World Trade Center to be included as a lasting reminder of this tragic human event, which is interred inside the fourth section of the Monument.


Remember Them was an epic undertaking for many reasons beyond its sheer scale; it is the first time international Champions are depicted together in a single monument that is dedicated to all of humanity.


In an effort to be more inclusive, 4 walls for the visually impaired were designed for those with sight impairments to explore the characters on the monument through touch. Bronze castings of each Champion are mounted on granite walls along with quotations from each Champion in Braille and large print.


The Monument includes the likenesses of fourteen interlocking figures on its backside who represent local individuals immortalized as changemakers. You can see a list of the Remember Them Local Champions below.


Remember Them: Champions for Humanity is a breathtaking addition to the public art of the San Francisco Bay Area and additionally serves as an educational landmark for students and adults alike; a poignant reminder of the power we each possess to make positive change.


The mission of Remember Them is to inspire the public to deepen their personal commitment to
humanitarian values and actions in their own lives and communities. The Remember Them educational
monument and curricular materials will inform young people about the global struggle for human rights,
peace, freedom, and equality. The Monument intends to encourage students to explore the relevance of
these struggles in their own lives and to see the common threads of all humanity; to help students to
discover opportunities for personal inspiration, action, and leadership in their own communities.

Humanitarians honored on the
Remember Them


Ruby Bridges

Maya Angelou

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Mother Teresa

Thich Nhat Hanh

Chief Joseph

Oskar Schindler

Frederick Douglass

Rosa Parks

Ralph David Abernathy

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Coretta Scott King

Mahatma Gandhi

Helen Keller

Abraham Lincoln

Rigoberta Menchú

Winston Churchill

Malcolm X

César Chávez

The Unknown Rebel of Tiananmen Square

Elie Wiesel

Susan B. Anthony

Harvey Milk

Shirin Ebadi

Nelson Mandela

Local Champions honored on the
Remember Them monument:

Joyce Taylor

Henry J. Kaiser

Mary Ann Wright

Joaquin Miller

Fred Korematsu

Dr. Marcus Foster

Oleta Abrams

Carmen Flores

Josie De La Cruz

Royal Towns

Ina Coolbrith

John Grubensky

Ansel Hall

Ohlone Woman

About the Monument

The Remember Them Monument is installed in Henry J. Kaiser Park, near 19 th Ave and Telegraph Ave in
Oakland, CA. The bronze monument was cast at Mussi Artworks Foundry in Berkeley, CA. Mario Chiodo
donated his design and sculpturing hours. The Oakland Chamber of Commerce Foundation was the
fiscal sponsor.

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