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Ohlone woman

Ohlone woman

The figure of the Ohlone woman pays homage to the genesis of human life in the Bay Area. The Ohlone people were the first inhabitants of the central California coast, where more than 40 tribes coexisted peace fully, lived wisely off of the land, and thrived. In the late 1700s, Spanish settlers arrived and missionized the Ohlone, eroding their cultural traditions, Forcing them to change their way of life, and causing many Ohlone to perish due to exposure to foreign disease. However, the Ohlone met the settlers with gifts and curiosity rather than aggression and violence. The presence of the ancient Ohlone, as well as their living descendents. must be remembered and revered, always.

About the Monument

The Remember Them Monument is installed in Henry J. Kaiser Park, near 19 th Ave and Telegraph Ave in
Oakland, CA. The bronze monument was cast at Mussi Artworks Foundry in Berkeley, CA. Mario Chiodo
donated his design and sculpturing hours. The Oakland Chamber of Commerce Foundation was the
fiscal sponsor.

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